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8th-Feb-2014 04:13 am - Tabbi Kat
I can has a Tabbi Kat. She's a bag of bones. But most importantly she's home.

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7th-Feb-2014 04:56 pm - Um. Nom?
I left a bowl of wet food in the kitchen (it was Jenny Cat's uneaten breakfast) with the door wedged open. Whilst I have been sat on the bed with a sleeping JC someone has been in the kitchen and scoffed the lot.

Next step is a repeat but to be downstairs to see who the someone is.

Of course, I hope it is Tabbi Kat.

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7th-Feb-2014 01:59 pm - Meow?
So there was oi sat upon the *outside* loo when there was a loud meowing.1 Much louder than a Jenny Cat from behind a closed double-glazed window. As soon as I moved there was the thud of something jumping on the wheelie bin. By the time I'd made oneself presentable there was nothing to be seen in the yard or out back.

Not only that. There had been about 70g of </s>drydamp food eaten from a bowl I put in the yard yesterday morning.

Was this Tabbi Kat? I'd like to think so.

The food is out there again and the back door is propped open.

1The Victorian outside loo is kinder on my knees, if a bit chilly, than the haul up my very steep stairs when I need the loo. As a kid the house we lived in during the '70s only had an outside loo. At night a chamber pot was the order of the day for liquids.

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4th-Feb-2014 02:16 pm - Tabbi Kat
The postie told me about a cat matching her description mooching around the school.

Today I saw her over the lane from the back yard.

I called, she didn't come. She did meow though. I hope she chooses to come home soon.

I think I'll need to leaflet a couple of streets I didn't originally do.

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24th-Jan-2014 12:33 pm - Sadz
Jenny Cat has taken up residence on the lounge windowsill. She's spending her time staring out the window and calling. Every time she does it makes me cry.

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23rd-Jan-2014 01:13 pm - Note to Cat
Dear Tabbi Kat,

I know the outside world is big and interesting, but please come home soon.

Your, almost in tears,


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22nd-Dec-2013 12:47 pm - There can never be enough cat pics.
Tabbi Kat

Tabbi Kat
Tabbi Kat absorbing the sun.
18th-Nov-2013 01:43 pm - [public] More scribblings...
Tabbi Kat
Not posted any doggerel recently, so here's a bit that seems to have gotten stuck in my head.

Meow and purr, meow and purr,
The little cat said.
Meow and purr, meow and purr,
As she jumped upon the bed.
Meow and purr, meow and purr,
She stretched out flat and long.
Meow and purr, meow and purr,
Goes her pretty little song.
Meow and purr, meow and purr,
She talks to me so sweet.
Meow and purr, meow and purr,
As she lies upon my feet.
7th-Sep-2013 04:47 pm(no subject)

Had 2 seizures this afternoon so will be in hospital until tomorrow at least.


The first was an absence type. Then as I was waking up from a nap had a tonic-clonic.


So here I will stay, and I think it shows we by it was a good idea to keep me in over night for what was just say surgery.


Feeling completely drained and joined up thinking is giving me a really bad headache.

27th-Jul-2013 10:28 am - Friendzy
punkymcmunky's friendzy is over thataway →
12th-Apr-2013 11:29 pm - Gratuitous Cat Pic
Tabbi Kat
Tabbi Kat found hiding earlier.

Go Away I'm Not Here!
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28th-Dec-2012 02:44 pm - Note to Cat
kittin, Jenny Cat
Dear Jenny Cat and Tabbi Kat,

I know I was away over Xmas (from late afternoon 24th to late evening 27th) you weren't neglected, the neighbours came in and fed you about ½kg of kibble. Other than not having any gooshy fud yesterday morning (27th) that is. So why one of you peed on the bed I do not know. I suspect you, Jenny Cat, as you woke me at 4am by trying to bury a damp part of the duvet. I assumed it was pee, but I can't find a stain now I want to wash the cover.

I might even be wrong and that someone spent the night drooling with happiness now I'm home again.

I promise that I have no intention of leaving you so long again until next Xmas.

Your, damp,

26th-Nov-2012 09:50 pm - Note to Cat
Tabbi Kat
Dear Tabbi Kat,

Trying to dig me through the duvet at 6am is rather annoying. It is also doomed to failure unless you can work out how to use scissors. I know you are used to me letting you under there when you scrat at the top, that is a completely different matter. By my knees, for example, just doesn't work.

Let's talk about the time. 6am for pities sake! You know I need a lot of sleep, I cannot help it. I know you aren't short of food, not with there being roughly 2 days worth of kibble split between two bowls. So the excuse you are starving doesn't hold water.

Your, excavated,


PS, one thing I do know, is that if you hadn't woken me something might well have not held water. I really was in pain and needing a pee.

Dear Jenny Cat,

Sitting on my hip whilst I try and get back to sleep is a little disruptive. Not half as disruptive as when you pounce on any part of me that so much as twitches though. Even so, there are plenty more comfortable spots to sit. Spots that don't hurt my dodgy hip for starters. Please use them.

Your, squished,

12th-Nov-2012 06:22 pm - Note to Cat
catnipped, Jenny Cat 2
Dear Cats,

I know you are both in rude health, very rude in Tabbi Cat's case, today. Would you please stop shoving your rear end in my face I'm not a boy cat of that I am very certain.

When my health permits you will both be taking a trip with me to cure this once and for all. I definitely don't want additional little fluffy bundles causing havoc in the house.

Your, neutered,

11th-Nov-2012 08:26 pm(no subject)
Tabbi Kat
A tin of this
and a bowl of that
A cat
that's very flat
That's the way my friend
until you reach the very end.
13th-Oct-2012 11:23 am - Bad Poetry
Tabbi Kat

There is a cat who is very skinny
She spends her life
With an old fishwife
Who has a very smelly pinny

9th-Oct-2012 05:40 pm - Bad Poetry

I wander along the tow-path
Which is cracked and holed
If I'm not careful 
I'll take a bath 
In the canal 
which is rather cold

The day is drawing to an end My knees they will not bend I'll take some pills To mask these ills And homewards I shall wend.

29th-Sep-2012 09:27 pm - Note to Cat
Tabbi, kittin2
Dear Tabbi Kat,

I get the hint. You want some fresh greenery. You didn't need to eat half my new baby Aloe Vera plant to give me the hint though. Next time I'm at the pet store I'll get some cat grass for you.

Your, 'allowed,

23rd-Sep-2012 02:42 pm - Bad Poetry

I was writing poetry
Whilst sat upon the lavatory
A cat jumped on my head
So I went back to bed.

15th-Sep-2012 09:45 am - Note to Cat
Tabbi, kittin2
Dear Tabbi Kat,

You have been told before that the porage oats are mine. So please stop trying to eat them when I am sorting my breakfast. Stalking off and falling off the counter only made me laugh. The disgusted look you gave me only made me laugh even harder which was not exactly a good idea right at then. So I suppose vengeance has been suitably dealt.

Your, slightly damp,

14th-Sep-2012 05:05 pm - Bad Poetry
kittin, Jenny Cat

I have a cat
That thinks it's a bat
So I'll graft on wings
and operate them by strings

13th-Sep-2012 01:02 am - Note to Cat
Tabbi, kittin2
Dear Tabbi Kat,

Yes I've shut the bedroom window. I was getting cold at night now we are heading towards autumn. That's no reason for you to stomp out of the bedroom complaining loudly. It is the only window in the house that is fully shut there are plenty of others that you can stick your nose out of.

Your, frozen solid,

12th-Sep-2012 09:18 am - Pic Spam (38 of them!)
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9th-Sep-2012 05:52 pm - Bad Poetry

I forgot what I was doing
So I had to take up mooing
It may seem rather odd
But it's better than carrying a hod.

6th-Sep-2012 01:17 am - Bad Poetry
kittin, Jenny Cat

I'm going upstairs to bed
To rest my poor wee head
I'm feeling rather tired
And my body's life expired

5th-Sep-2012 04:11 pm - Bad Poetry

I hit my thumb
But as it's numb
I was unaware
'Til I saw blood everywhere 

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4th-Sep-2012 12:13 pm - Bad Poetry
kittin, Jenny Cat

My cats they were complaining
Telling me it was raining
When I looked to see
It pleaséd me
for the sun it was a shining.

3rd-Sep-2012 10:59 am - Jenny Cat
catnipped, Jenny Cat 2

Having a cat nap
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31st-Aug-2012 12:42 pm - Bad Poetry
watcher, epona

My slithery snake
I see your big mistake.
Into your water-bowl you shat
the results of eating rat.

31st-Aug-2012 10:51 am - Bad Poetry/Note to Cat
Tabbi Kat
Dear Tabbi Kat,
Where are you a digging to?
My little furry friend.
Or just Southend?
Your, sprayed with litter,

27th-Aug-2012 11:54 am - Porage, a cat and bad poetry
Tabbi Kat
Tabbi Kat just wandered up, fished the bananana skin out of my porage bowl, dumped it on the floor and then proceeded to lick the congealed porage up. That cat is weird.

A cat 
A little cat
Looking round and round
There she is a sat
and looking very proud.

26th-Aug-2012 01:11 pm - Bad poetry
She lays upon the bed
and rests her weary head.
In her sleep
She twitches her white feet.

Why does she stand like that? She is a strange little cat. Why she stands upon the door Rather than solid floor She would not not tell Even when she fell.
25th-Aug-2012 06:29 am - Bad poetry and Feeding Epona
Last night I fed Epona for the first time in a month. It happened that a couple of weeks ago she was close to shedding and always ignores food when like this. So I never bother to offer it. It means that she skips a feed. When I offered her a 'Large Weaner Rat, 51-90g' or so it is claimed, she struck at it and coiled around. Ending up in the water bowl that I had literally just changed. I checked my finger count and cam up with almost ten, which is currently the correct count. The not quite one being my left thumb. Jenny Cat was watching the proceedings ears pricked and forwards.
Dear snake you are looking fat 
but then you've just had a rat
after you eat 
you always sleep
watched over by a cat.
23rd-Aug-2012 01:10 am - Bad poetry
This was written on the fly as I sat on the steps of a church in a geocache log in response to not finding the cache.
Your cache I say
Appears to have gone away
The bush that was, has gone it's true
I think you know what to do.
Archive or replace
Stares you in the face
Thank you for the walk out here
As it's too early for a beer
I will go and pay the fee
For a nice coffee
I'll say so long
And now I'm gone.
This was the, what is becoming, normal words coalescing in what passes for my mind.
This life it really is a cow
it's just kicked me, and how.
For this anxiety
I'll go an have a cup of tea.
And um…
They are rough around the edges,
Just like a cough from Benson and Hedges.
21st-Aug-2012 09:46 pm - Bad poetry
Are you coming upstairs to bed
to rest your weary head?

Or are you staying downstairs awake 
to keep an eye on my cornsnake?
21st-Aug-2012 03:17 pm - Bad poetry
I put a pad upon my thumb
To stop it sticking to my bum
A rhyme like that
I shouldn't do it
Instead I'll go and fill the cruet.

Which cat did I stand upon? Who knows for it has gone I really wasn't good I'd best be careful or she'll eat up all my food.
21st-Aug-2012 12:25 pm - Bad poetry
I cannot hear what's going on.
So bring to me,
a cup of tea,
and a fresh cream scone.

I'm a Northerner so on and scone do rhyme
So please don't waste your time
Telling me that scone 
doth rhyme with blown.
J did tell me to write down the silly snippets of bad poetry that skim across the surface of what passes for my mind. I think I mentioned that it's only since the therapy session on 13/Aug that these silly rhymes have been composing themselves. I only give them a helping hand out onto paper/t'internet.
17th-Aug-2012 01:53 pm - Oops.
I dropped it on the floor
Now I must clean it up
Afore someone comes in the door
Oh I am such a mucky pup

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13th-Aug-2012 10:15 am - Note to Cat
Tabbi Kat
Dear Tabbi Kat,

You do know how to use the litter tray. Yes? So why was it this morning that you managed to pee on the floor whilst actually squatting inside it. You are aware that it delayed me giving you your breakfast you poor starving moggie. Even Jenny Cat was less than impressed with you.

Your, scary mop wielding,

12th-Aug-2012 11:06 pm - Um.
It surprises me sometimes what Jenny Cat seems capable of. Like this for instance:

Door cat
click to embiggen

She's quite happily standing on top of the door dealing with claw-sheaths. Weight seems to be mainly taken on two legs with the other and her bum being used just for balance. Oh, and one day I'll get round to finishing the redecoration of the bedroom.
28th-Jul-2012 11:47 am - Obstacle Course
Tabbi Kat

Jenny Cat on the Obstacle Course
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28th-Jul-2012 11:47 am - Spark out
Tabbi Kat

Spark out Jenny Cat
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27th-Jul-2012 10:30 am - Napping
catnipped, Jenny Cat 2

Jenny Cat napping on the bed
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17th-Jul-2012 08:54 am - Note to Cat
catnipped, Jenny Cat 2
Dear Catlings,

Yes, Tabbi Kat and Jenny Cat, I'm looking at both of you. I don't know which one of you it was. When I am sat on the floor in my nightie cleaning out your litter tray I am out of bounds for use as a bumper for high speed turns. Particularly when it is claws out on bare flesh (namely my bottom). There are now blood stains to clean up off the kitchen floor and I have several large claw holes in my flesh that are still seeping blood.

There will be no treats of dried chicken strips today for either of you.

Your, anæmic,

13th-Jul-2012 10:38 am - Picsapm
This morning Her Majesty Jennifer Felis cattus gave me a couple of photo opportunities and for once I had a camera to hand.

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6th-Jul-2012 03:11 pm - Note to Cat
kittin, Jenny Cat
Dear Jenny Cat,

So there I am having my afternoon cuppa, pills and bikkit, and you wake up, stretch and jump down off the top of the bookcase where you are defending my collection of Pratchett hardbacks. This seems to be your chosen daytime sleeping spot, and I am glad you have found your own safe space.

What you did next was a little unexpected. You jumped up on my laptop and swiped my white chocolate chip cookie. I'm still boggling at your audacity. Anyone would think you never got fed. Never mind that they contain all the foods you are not supposed to have – cereals, sugar, cocoa butter, &c.

I'm sure that I'll find a half gnawed cookie later. Was this revenge for me not stopping Tabbi Kat from pinching some of your treats earlier?

Your, empty handed,
3rd-Jul-2012 12:02 pm - Writer's Block: The Path Not Taken
Is there anything you'd do (or would have done) differently in your life if you knew no one was going to judge you for it?

The problem I have with this is that if I'd done things differently in my life then I'd not be the same 'me'. In some way even if the exact thing was not in and of itself judged it would lead to something else that was judged.

I don't find it awfully beneficial, anyway, do dwell on the what ifs outside of a therapy or gestalt journalling scenario as they do tend to trigger anxiety or depressive episodes. I'd rather not be exploring those dark places too much again.
26th-Jun-2012 06:21 pm - The Shard

The Shard towering over St. Paul's Cathedral
from Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath
Click to embiggen
25th-Jun-2012 10:15 am - Writer's Block: Girls and Boys
Sex education in schools is always a topic of discussion. What are your thoughts on the matter -- comprehensive sex ed, abstinence only, or somewhere in between?

Abstinance only? Heh. No. Admittedly the only perfect contraception is not to have sex at all. However abstinance only sex ed has been demonstrated to be ineffective in preventing teen pregnancies. After all teens will always experiment.

Sex education has to cover human reproduction and contraceptive use. Here in the UK good sex ed is reducing the teen pregnancy rate. It'll never be zero but it is moving in the right direction.
24th-Jun-2012 10:49 pm - Dammit.
It's 10:45pm. The Northern sky is not meant to still be light dammit.
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